The Spelling distinction Between British and American English

: Abstract

The objective of this study is to  trace the course of how British English differs from American English. That is, in comparing two varieties of a language, it is convenient to take one as the basis for comparison and to describe the other by contrast with it. The researcher will select about (100 words) that the two verities are mostly different in spelling them.  This study takes American as its basis and describes British in relation to that basis(John Algeo,2006).The  results and conclusion of this paper  revealed that  American has more native speakers than British and is rapidly becoming the dominant form of English in non-native countries other perhaps than those of Western Europe. Much European established academic bias favors British as a model; but evolving popular culture is biased toward American. This widespread dissemination of the American variety makes it a reasonable basis for describing British.

Keywords:  Spelling  differences,  British  spelling, American spelling, informal spelling, prepositional

differences, punctuation differences , one letter difference

اعداد : Dr. Musa Alamin Hamouda Saeed

Assistant professor of English language and Literature at faculty of

Education, ElDaein University, Sudan.

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